4 Things to Do When There’s Raccoons in Your Attic

Racoons are pests we despise as they rummage through our bins turning them upside down; though they usually live around the lakes and water, but today you can see them right smack in the middle of the city. Worst of all in our houses! So here are some ways to remove raccoons from your attic.

1. Use a Trap

The easiest way to remove raccoons is by using a good raccoon trap. Remember that in most states in the US, you need a permit to trap and relocate a raccoon so ensure you have arranged for the permit first.

You would need a decent sized and solidly made trap as raccoons can chew through anything even wires. Finding bait for a raccoon is easy as they eat anything. A can of tuna will do the trick so will most fruit.

Once trapped, relocate the animal to at least 15 miles away preferably near a lake or seafront.

2. Use a Raccoon Deterrent

Raccoons are naturally clean animals and will not loo in their dens. If you make their dens smell like loo, they will soon move away and look for another den. To do this get some Ammonia and soak a few towels with it. Then toss the towels around the attic – at the entrance, near their bedding and at various places. Urine contains Ammonia and the Raccoons will be tricked into thinking that their den is soiled and will move on to another location thus leaving your attic.

3. Use a Pest Repeller – Hoont™ Pest Repeller

The repeller makes loud audible ultrasonic sounds which is meant to scare the raccoons away. It also has large and bright flashing strobe lights that annoy and irritate the raccoons especially if there are babies at hand.

The Repeller can be used right out of the box by simply plugging into a switch and turning it on. The Hoont™ Pest Repeller can be purchased from Amazon. The reviews on Amazon for this Repeller has been positive therefore it is worth giving a go.

4. Call a Professional

If your attic is infested with a hoard of wildlife (i.e a family of raccoons), the best way to get rid of them is to call raccoon removal service. This is because they carry many germs and diseases. This is even more important if you have a household of young children, the professional will not only get rid of the raccoons but also clear the attic from all their faecal matter and disinfect the attic at the same time; keeping your family safe. We have repeatedly used Raccoon Control. You can check out their website at: http://www.raccooncontrol.ca/

In Conclusion

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to pest control. Ensure that once these rodents are gone, you make the effort to seal all the gaps that the raccoons had entered from and any other gaps that lead to the attic. Be proactive.